When talking about weather, we all have a favorite season - some love the frosty chill of winter, others wait impatiently all year to bask in the heat of summer, and then there are those who love the warmth of new spring air or the cool evenings and golden days of autumn. If you are thinking of a vacation or getting away for the weekend, Val D'Intelvi is the perfect destination.
Thinking about coming in the winter? Come to Lanzo, where you can ski the runs at Sighignola - or if you prefer cross country skiing, you can spend your days skiing the marked trails leading through the woods and plains of our valleys

Is summer more to your fancy? Come to Lanzo, where you will find bright sun and cloudless skies. Here the crisp air beckons you to take long leisurely walks up Monte Generoso where you can discover the waterfalls, mountain pastures and the typical "nevere" of the old farming customs, or up the Balcone D'Italia on Sighignola, 1320 meters above sea level, to look out over the breathtaking vista of Ceresio, the city of Lugano and the Alps. Go hiking or horseback riding, or swim a few laps in the pool in nearby San Fedele.
There is an endless number of things to do during the spring and autumn too: golf, mountain biking and tennis in one of the most impressive sports complexes in all of Lombardy - no risk of getting out of shape here! Even if you aren't an avid sports enthusiast, you will love Val d'Intelvi, with its natural beauty, culture, art and excellent cuisine.

What are you waiting for? Come to Lanzo, and spend a few days in our valley!

Lanzo Intelvi, a well known tourist resort, situated at an altitude of 1000 meters on the Italian-Swiss border and only a few kilometers from Lake Lugano has housed the Golf Club Lanzo since 1962.
Set within an age-old beech wood and framed by a magnificent scenery, the course, with its 9 stimulating and interesting holes is extremely challenging on account of its double tee-offs and natural hazards.
There is a well-equipped stable only 500 meters from the golf course for those who enjoy riding. In winter, the fairways change into inviting Nordic ski runs.